What Did Libra Season Teach Us About Emotional Safety In Our Relationships?

“In evolutionary astrology, Libra Season is — I Relate. This expression is how we relate to life, how we value those relationships to others, money, our value systems, injustices and life as it happens on the social landscape. The scales represent polarity, for the scales are not separate. They are poles with opposite ends of the spectrum.”

Suppose you explored these elements in Libra season. In that case, Scorpio season is set to be deeply emotionally satisfying and possible help you feel unafraid to express your vulnerability that you explored in Libra season — thus, in turn, making you feel emotionally safe to express your darkest and deepest needs within your intimate partnerships.




Into Astrology & Human Design, here are my ramblings…

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Tribal Alchemy

Tribal Alchemy

Into Astrology & Human Design, here are my ramblings…

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