Capricorn Season Astrocasts

Happy Birthday, Cap — this season looks like growth for you. Starting the year strong, you have solid ideas for asserting yourself into everything you have planned. Now is an excellent time to focus on yourself and honestly know what that means for you. As Venus retrogrades through your sign — taking a look and dismantling old beliefs systems around relationships, money and love and what this is starting to look like for you this year will be a good starting point in your season. Are your relationships and financial situation reflective of what you want and need right now? If not, how can you repackage that so it starts to look and feel good?

Hey Aquarius — this season looks like you may need to reframe finances so that this year you can take a step further to leading and creating that beautiful, sustainable life you dream of, even if it looks unconventional to others. Venus retrograde asks you to go deep on how you perceive material items such as clothes, electronic equipment and articles for the home. What do you need compared to what you have? This will help you create new structures around a more straightforward way of living. Where can you recycle your wardrobe? What does a typical day look like in 3–6 months from now? More time with the family? Work less but earn more? How can you make that happen this season?

Hey Pisces, This season looks like you may need a digital detox and revert to what you love doing. Returning to nature this season is paramount to your growth. Back to the beach, the forest and to your heart will help regenerate your soul. This Venus retrograde asks you to reform how you communicate your needs to people who take centre stage within your life. Detox, the conversations, people and places from your phone — that take up space so you can create more. What does a digital detox look like to you? Have you been out in nature much, or did you work last season, that you felt life was passing you by at times?

Yo Aries — This season is calling you to look at home life. How can you create a beautiful space, a sanctuary to retreat to the outside world. Possibly a renovation and new take on an old room with help you refocus on how your area is reflective of your individual needs. Venus retrograde asks you to look at your internal structures and make sure that it works for you. Where do you feel limited with your home? Can you knock down some walls, so you and your home feel less restrictive? Where can you nurture yourself a little bit more?

Hey Taurus — So much is happening this season for you. There is a lot of movement within the sign of Taurus that it’s inevitable that you’ll need to look at close relationships, money and redefine values around bills, family life and home life. Discuss expectations, honest and tangible, and sustainable in the long-term future. What can you co-create around these themes? These discussions can feel a little awkward at first, but speaking your truth and making sure you’re on the same page with the people that coexist in your world — will cultivate safety within these areas. How do you create a structured reality within your home life and finances? A future that is bright, beautiful and abundant AF.

Oh, My Gemini — this season looks like healing for you. Healing your relationship to love, relationships and finances and what it all means to you after 2021. Have your values changed? If so — how so? Now is a time to clear your fundamental needs and what you require to be sustainable and efficient in 2022. Healing this area brings in superabundance and is another step to cultivating beauty, abundance, and a lit AF lifestyle. Take a hard look at what you value within your close personal relationships of all kinds, values around family, love, how you cherish money and making money. It’s all up for review. You create a feasible and tangible structure that will keep you moving forward. Healing these areas is needed right now, so taking the time to deep dive as this period is so profoundly transformative to you right now. Look after your health and wellness right now, Gemini, as it is very overwhelming and can take its toll on the body. How do you now value your health? What does that look like feel like to you?

Oi Cancer — this season looks like some restructuring around relationships. This is not bad; this means that a review may need to take place around contracts, negotiations and partnerships. Romantic and work-wise. Do you value what you do for a living? Are you happy in the work relationships you’re a part of? Does this need to be unpacked, and what do you value now after 2021? So you can repackage it and make it work better for you? This Venus retrograde asks you to look at what’s now financially stable and able for you. Does it feel equal? Does it feel aesthetically pleasing to the soul? What intense feelings came up this year around love, relationships and money? Go deep on this as a water sign — deep-diving around how you feel emotionally here will help you process quicker.

Hey Leo — This season feels like changes. Change is good, especially if you have felt stagnant in certain areas of life. Conversations around merged finances, taxes, property and emotional intimacy, need an excellent old refurb. The Venus retrograde asks us to define boundaries and values in these areas to enter into personal and business partnerships with eyes wide open on expectations and how we intend to proceed. Redefining structuring around joint assets and partnership assets will stand you in good stead this season so you can crack on with the intended business growth that you require to be sustainable in 2022. Where can you initiate any change around values in a partnership of all kinds?

Hey Virgo — this season looks and feels like broadening any study you want to undertake in 2022. What have you been thinking about? It’s not a change in direction but more a super seeding sustainable future around how you intend to expand in this next year. Expansion for you isn’t fast, but it is steady, creating safety in love, relationships and finances. A good solid plan right now may feel possible. A 2yr/5yr plan in Capricorn season will feel more straightforward, but you need to know honestly in your heart just what it is you value. What are you building towards? Who’s on your team? Where can you capitalise? What does beauty represent to you now, and where can you educate yourself on your own needs. What can this look like and feel like to you directly after 2021?

Hey Libra, this season feels like renewed optimism around your career plans but be prepared for some small and slight restrictions. This is not bad! This is to slow you down a little so that your projects come from an apparent heart space and that you are indeed ready to build something sustainable. Your focus on money right now is lit bit again. Is it sustainable? In terms of, will it make you money in the long run, or are you just looking for something to occupy yourself so that you don’t feel stagnant in this area? This Venus retrograde asks you to redefine your values around workalike balance, love, relationships and money. Libra is about oscillation and making ALL of these areas work for you. Capricorn is integration, but it’s also rigidity. Maybe a look at where you’ve been rigid within these areas that Venus retrograde is bringing up. Please slow down, come up with a plan, and allow for it to change and don’t be disappointed by any restrictions that arise, for they are only temporary.

Hey Scorpio — this season feels like innovation and change in your internal and external world. This is good because this allows for expansion within the friendship & social groups that you see yourself in, in 2022. You may want to rebel against the systems that you feel can keep you repressed and held back. While the universe enables this behaviour, it comes with some responsibility for your activism. The Venus retrograde is asking you to reboot values and beliefs around relationships, love and money — while it may seem unconventional to others — it’s what it means to you, but you may need to be super clear on what it means to you.

Hey Sag — this season looks like it may feel deep. After your season last month with possible themes around how you identify with some regions of your life and anywhere you may have felt overwhelmed. This season is a deep dive on anything that came up for you. This Venus Retrograde may have you seeking solitude while you can reflect on any limiting beliefs that have surfaced around relationships, love and money. How do you heal any possible wounds now? What subconsciously came up, and how do you plan to look at what you truly value in these areas? 12th House is where we are wounded, and Venus Retrograde is in what areas need attention. This is regressive energy so that it may feel like two steps back and one step forward. Doing this work will stand you in good stead and truly define your value and take actionable steps to rebuild, restructuring these themes, which puts you one step closer to remembering your inner authority.




Into Astrology & Human Design, here are my ramblings…

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Tribal Alchemy

Into Astrology & Human Design, here are my ramblings…

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